It has been brought to the Town Council’s attention that an event termed a 'Flash Mob Theatre' has been organised for Monday 31 July on the Langueux circle - or ‘Wadebridge Amphitheatre’ which it is being mistakenly referred to.  Langueux is in recognition of the twin town of Wadebridge located in the North West of France.

 A request from the 'responsible person' for this event was received by the Town Council on Tuesday 25 July.  Unfortunately, as the Town Council is required to comply with statute, the Agenda for Council meetings is required to be issued at least 3 working days in advance of the meeting.  This means we can't just ‘add on’ Agenda items as and when we like and therefore, if an item is not on the Agenda, it's not because ‘we can't be bothered’ to put it there.     

Town Council meeting dates are planned a year in advance and are shown on the Town Council website.  If an event is organised in an efficient way then the ‘responsible person’ will be aware of these meeting dates to ensure that their event request is placed on the Town Council Agenda, in a timeous manner, for consideration.  It’s a straightforward process and one that all event organisers are aware of and happy to comply with.

In a similar manner when the Christmas Lights are put up in the Town we can’t just do as we please – we have to ensure that we comply with all that is asked of the Town Council from Cornwall Council.   

In summary, the ‘responsible person’ for this ‘event’:

  • Didn’t make a request to use Town Council land in sufficient time to enable the Town Council to grant permission.
  • Wasn’t refused permission for the event – they just weren’t organised enough to make the request in sufficient time.
  • Has provided no information in relation to the length of the event in the evening.
  • Has not demonstrated how they are mindful of residents that live in Southern Way.
  • Has not provided a risk assessment for the event.
  • Has not provided any insurance for the event.

All other events which are held on Wadebridge Town Council land have no difficulty with any of these requirements and are happy to work with the Council to ensure that the those involved with the event, the public and Town Council land are considered, protected and informed. 

Thank you