Wadebridge Town Council were not satisfied with the restoration of the public pathway at the Platt following work carried out near Boots and the Spar shop.  The pathway was restored but not using those paving stones which were uplifted. 
The Town Council contacted Cornwall Council to request that the pathway was restored to its original condition and are pleased to report that the Highways Authority expects all permanent reinstatements to be carried out using the same materials that were originally removed and as such are pursuing a defect notice against the relevant contractor.
An Inspector from the Streetworks section will be visiting the site and liaising with the utilities who have carried out the recent work in the area to determine if the reinstatement is their responsibility and if so they will be directed to correct their reinstatement to restore the footway to its original condition. If the responsible contractor cannot be identified then Cornwall Council Highways and Environment Section will pursue enforcement action against the property the new connection serves so that the footway can be properly restored at their expense.
Cornwall Highways is working to ensure that the footway is properly restored to its original appearance.