Following the Community Governance Review public engagement meeting which took place on Wednesday 2 October 2019 in St Issey, Wadebridge Town Council would like to respond to some of the comments made.
We would like to advise you, the Parishioners of Wadebridge, that:

  • We believe there is an imbalance in the funding of services in Wadebridge where you alone pay for services that should be shared more evenly.

  • We have received no offer of assistance for the funding of the Library from either of our neighbouring Parishes. We have been operating the library for nearly a year and have had no representations from either Parish.

  • We are not salaried bureaucrats – Town Councillors receive no pay for their services to the Town

  • Town Councillors are aware of the requirements of their roles and attend training regularly.

  • We are not inefficient and have not mismanaged our budgets.

  • We are an aspirational council looking ahead to provide Social Housing for local people and Youth services.
     We would like to reassure our Staff that:

  • We are not seeking to reduce our staff numbers through redundancy to cut our budgets.
     We would like to advise Egloshayle and St Breock Parish Councils that:

  • We are not on a land grab mission.

  • We do not have delusions of power or a need to be in control.

  • We receive car parking charges from everyone who uses our car parks and that includes Wadebridge Parishioners. We pay Cornwall Council £33,500 in business rates for our car parks and our car park income is also shared with the Co-op.

  • Your Parishioners have previously expressed an interest on the services delivered in Wadebridge.

  • We are all here to represent our Parishioners.

  • Wadebridge Parishioners do not consider themselves ‘Townies’ with no idea of what happens in the countryside. Wadebridge is a market town.

  • We await your proposals for the Library.
This Town Council does not engage in harsh words and personal insults. If there is a will to work together, we need to be respectful and considered in how we speak to each other.

We are currently reviewing our Community Governance submission and are grateful for the opportunity to listen to the Parishioners of our neighbouring Parishes who were passionate about where they live.

A passion shared by the Parishioners of Wadebridge about where they live.