Tomorrow Friday 15 November 2019 is a date to remember for Wadebridge.  Why you may ask? Well, Wadebridge Skatepark OPENS tomorrow!!! 

You may notice that we’ve had a little rain lately so we will be having an official launch day with prizes, giveaways and much more when the weather improves and when everyone can enjoy themselves without getting drenched.  These photos were taken in the rain and while it looks a bit muddy and wet it’s also a hugely happy moment for the Town Council that in the middle of all that rain and mud is our skatepark.

You may also notice there are a few small areas still to complete – none of these affect the safe use of the park.  We will be looking to install a bridge from the Camel Trail, plant some trees and erect some fencing.  There are also a few tidy ups to be completed by our contractors Canvas but these need to wait until the weather is drier and we didn’t want to delay the park opening any further.   The skatepark has passed its ROSPA inspection so there’s no need to wait any longer. 

Thank you for your patience.  Please use the skatepark safely and look out for each other.  Please also enjoy, respect and look after the skatepark.  Well done Wadebridge – this is what we can achieve when we all work together.