Wadebridge Skatepark is CLOSED until further notice

The Town Council is following Government advise and discouraging public gatherings and encouraging social distancing in trying to help our NHS and stop the spread of Coronavirus.

The Skatepark is a long awaited and new addition to our town, has been enjoyed by many since it opened with work planned to make it even better.

Over the weekend we have seen people of all ages using the Skatepark but seemingly having complete disregard for what is going on in the world around them. The sun may be out and spring is here but this is not our usual stroll into summer in Wadebridge.

In Wadebridge today:
Pubs and restaurants are closed
Bike hire companies are closed
Hairdressers are closed
Shops are closed
The Library is closed
Doctors and dentists are dealing with emergencies only
Colleges, Schools and nurseries are closed apart from the children of essential workers.
Vulnerable and older people can’t get out of their homes and are having their food, meals and prescriptions delivered.

All those places which are closed are still working hard - working hard to keep us safe.

Everyone’s lives have changed at the moment.

Please behave responsibly in the face of Coronavirus. If not our choice to behave responsibly will be taken from us and decisions made for us.

Please do not feel motivated to break in to the Skatepark because you feel the need to skate or because you feel it is unfair that we have closed the Skatepark. Instead be responsible for your own and others safety and stay away. Keep your distance and have care for everyone. If you are irresponsible enough to think you won’t get the virus remember this is not about you it’s about everybody else.

The quicker we all get on with social distancing the quicker we’ll all get back to normal. We only get one chance at being responsible and making sure Coronavirus doesn’t spread and cause untold damage to our lives, our families, our friends and the NHS. This is not a trial run.

Let’s work together to live together.

Thank you Wadebridge - stay safe everyone