You may see a couple of our Parks Dept staff cutting grass in Town Council parks and our cemetery.  These are areas where we know people are taking their daily exercise and we are supporting you in doing this safely by keeping our parks tidy and accessible.  We will not be doing this as often as we normally do but we know you will understand our need to keep our staff safe.  If you do see our staff out and about we respectfully ask you not to approach them to allow them to complete their work as quickly as possible.  Ordinarily they enjoy talking to everyone but these are not ordinary times.

You may also have noticed we are emptying both our litter and dog waste bins to continue to keep our parks a lovely place to be.  Sadly we have received a number of complaints about dog walkers not picking up after their pets - please have regard to everyone who uses our park and pick up after your dog.  

We are also not asking our staff to litter pick at the moment but our parks have lots of bins - please use them rather than throwing your litter on the ground.  It's not acceptable to see litter on the ground.

Enjoy our parks and enjoy your exercise

Stay safe everyone.