We have received a number of queries relating to the older part of the Cemetery - this is the area beyond the wall accessed from the newer part of the cemetery and also some rows on this side of the wall/hedge.  Until 2016 this area was maintained by the Town Council under contract from Cornwall Council.   Prior to the creation of Cornwall Council in 2009 the maintenance arrangement was between the Town Council and North Cornwall District Council.

In January 2016 Cornwall Council intimated to the Town Council they had identified that this part of the cemetery was not a Cornwall Council owned or maintained site, and as they had no legal interest in the site could not offer to undertake any future maintenance or continue to contract the Town Council to carry out this maintenance.

Cornwall Council noted our concerns and commented that they believed that there had been an informal arrangement between the Town Council and the former North Cornwall District Council over the maintenance of the cemetery which had since lapsed.  The Town Council couldn't understand this position as 7 years had passed from the creation of Cornwall Council and the maintenance arrangement which had existed with North Cornwall District Council had continued throughout.  We spent many months in discussion and unfortunately, we were unable to reverse Cornwall Council's decision.  As the Town Council do not own this land nor the headstones on the land it is not permitted to maintain it due to Insurance and Health & Safety responsibilities.  Since then it has grown wild.  

The Town Council have therefore contacted Cornwall Councillors Moorcroft and Knightley to meet us in our cemetery to address your concerns and our continued issues with the lack of maintenance of this area.  As our Cornwall Council representatives, we hope that they will take these back to Truro and work with us to find a solution.