The provision of allotments, by local authorities is a statutory duty.  This applies to Town and Parish Councils alike.  

Wadebridge Town Council purchased a plot of land several years ago on the outskirts of Wadebridge to extend the burial ground.  As the burial ground was not required immediately, the Council leased the land to Wadebridge Allotment & Society (WAAGS), to enable the residents of Wadebridge to grow their own vegetables.

We continually review our plan for the burial ground and when this may be required.  This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with further areas for consideration, and these may impact on our burial ground provision.  To assist us with our plans the Town Council, on 2 September 2020, resolved to take back the management and operation of the allotments.  We have no immediate plans to bring our allotment provision at the site to an end.  However, we do wish to ensure that the allotments bring the benefits to our community which they were originally intended to do.  We are also keen to see the land the allotments are sited on, cared for and maintained in accordance with recognised guidance.  We also look to support plot holders in having a positive experience in our allotments. 

We are currently going through the legal process required to make the transfer.  When we can do, we will be writing to all plot holders to explain our plans.  We can confirm that Plots held on 2 September 2020 are those which will be recognised by the Council.  If there has been any Plot movement since that date the Council will ask Plot holders to return to the plot held on 2 September 2020.  We are also aware that there is a waiting list for plots and that there are some vacant plots available.  However, until the legal process has completed there will be no plot allocations made.  This will ensure that plot allocations, when done under the authority of the Council, will be done so on a fair and transparent basis. 

Cultivating an allotment is not just a great recreational pursuit but an active, socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable lifestyle.  The Council are looking forward to meeting and working with all Plot holders in ensuring that the allotments are a place which:  Enhances peoples physical and mental well-being.

  • Protects and enhances local biodiversity. 
  • Improves local neighbourhood and social cohesion.  
  • Provides opportunities for lifelong learning. 
  • Contributes to social and economic regeneration.  

In the meantime, if you have any questions about our allotments please email the Town Clerk on or call 01208 812643.