Wadebridge Town Council is sad and shocked to once again report the misuse of the public toilets.  The images in this report are from the gents facility located on The Platt and clearly show what some members of the public think is appropriate use of public toilets.

Town council staff welcome feedback, constructive criticism and even complaints from members of the public with regard to all of the facilities we look after on behalf of the town council – we cannot rectify problems or make improvements unless we know what is wrong or how the public feel about a facility.

With regards to public toilets, it is not always possible, or appropriate, to apply some of the ideas suggested but, staff will always act quickly to rectify problems we are notified of.  Unfortunately, in some cases this does mean the closure of a facility until it is possible to fully address the problem. 

However, we would respectfully remind the public that mindless misuse of the public toilets does result in additional works being necessary and that, ultimately, this is at the expense of Wadebridge parishioners.

Moving forwards, and in accordance with the Government’s road map, plans are in place to fully reopen all of the town council’s public toilets from Wednesday 26 May 2021. Again, we would remind all users that facilities can only remain open if they are used appropriately and not misused or abused.


Gents The Platt May 2021 1

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