Wadebridge Town Council is sorry to see the recent Facebook posts regarding the current state of the old section of the cemetery which remains very overgrown.

Cornwall Councillor Robin Moorcroft has advised there is a meeting in October with relevant officers of Cornwall Council to discuss this matter. That is correct, however, that meeting is not scheduled until the end of the month – the town council is very concerned that Cornwall Council appear not to be giving this matter the urgent attention it deserves.

Cornwall Council is fully aware that they are responsible for the upkeep of the old section of the cemetery as documentation outlining this was provided to them, and accepted by them, in early summer 2021. Despite this they continue to delay making any arrangements to include this area into their cutting program and have advised the town council that a meeting to discuss aspects of this matter is now required before they can move forwards. The town council find the continued lack of action on this matter both concerning and disrespectful to those visiting their loved ones in the cemetery.

The October meeting date has been set by Cornwall Council officers. The town council had hoped the meeting would be arranged as a matter of urgency and that Ward Members Cllrs Robin Moorcroft and Carol Mould would be able to assist with an earlier date but unfortunately, it appears this has not been possible.

In the meantime, the town council has requested that Cornwall Council provide details of the officer appointed to this matter so that any visitor to the cemetery wishing to make a complaint can do so directly to Cornwall Council. Cornwall Council have yet to provide this.

In respect of the post referring to the Memorial Garden area, the town council has acted on this and will be looking to strim and cut this area immediately (Friday 1 October 2021). Wadebridge Town Council apologise for any upset this has caused and would ask that anyone who wishes to make a complaint about such matters does so through the proper channels rather than social media posts. Please contact Beverley Collins – 01208 817081 (please leave a message if necessary) or email