As previously advised Cornwall Council has now accepted that they are responsible for the maintenance of this part of the cemetery.  From a Town Council perspective this ‘old section’ is the area from our section of the cemetery to the wall which leads into the very old section.

Cornwall Council have advised that their maintenance of closed cemeteries is 3 cuts a year.  The link explains this further.  Closed Churchyards - Cornwall Council

The Town Council believe that this area needs more than 3 cuts a year and that it should receive the due care and attention that we give our own cemetery.  Therefore, the Town Council has offered to maintain this older section in the same way as it maintains its own cemetery.

Cornwall Council will retain responsibility for headstone management, risk assessments and insurance.  We will provide the contact details for Cornwall Council to allow any comments or concerns about this area of the cemetery to be raised directly with them.

Thank you


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