Wadebridge Town Council is urgently seeking to purchase, or lease, a parcel of land within or close to Wadebridge. The land is required for use as an allotment site. 🥔🍅🥕

The Town Council currently provides allotments with a capacity of 78 allotment gardens however, these cannot remain on the current site indefinitely as this land was purchased for use as a cemetery for Wadebridge. There is a covenant in place to ensure that the land does become a second cemetery when required.

It is the Town Council’s intention to source a parcel of land in order to relocate the current allotment gardens as soon as possible. This is because arrangements will need to be made to both transfer allotment tenants to the new site and to prepare the current site for use as a cemetery.

If you have, or know anyone with suitable land please contact the Town Clerk to discuss details. The land does not necessarily have to be within the Wadebridge parish or large enough to transfer all plots to.

Contact details are below :

Wadebridge Town Clerk – Anne Minnis
☎️ 01208 817080