Working Groups –

  • Allotments – Cllrs; Ian Welch, Jules Metcalfe and Henry Jarvis.
  • Climate Change and Flood – Cllrs; Ian Welch, Linsey Nathan and Jules Metcalfe.
  • Culture, Sports and Recreation – Cllrs; Thomas Leach and Linsey Nathan.
  • Digital Communications – Cllrs; Charlie Viqueira and Ian Welch.
  • Governance Review (to exclude NHP) – Cllrs; Henry Jarvis, Ian Welch, Phil Mitchell, Louise Mitchell and Linsey Nathan.
  • Toilets – Cllrs; Louise Mitchell, Chris Boswell-Munday and Henry Jarvis.
  • Town Hall – Cllrs; Phil Mitchell, Louise Mitchell, Ian Welch and Chris Boswell-Munday.