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13 June 2016

Wadebridge Residents Urged to Reduce their Food Waste

Town selected to be part of countywide pilot – launch event on 20th June

Wadebridge residents are being urged to reduce their food waste and at the same time make money for their community. The town has been selected to be part of the Cornwall wide Waste Incentive Neighbourhoods Scheme (WINS), which will see those towns that successfully reduce their waste over a year rewarded with grants for local causes.

WINS is a new trial project to try to reduce waste in Cornwall. Using grant funding from the DCLG, Cornwall Council is working with Town and Parish Councils to encourage innovative ideas to help residents reduce waste. Five towns have been selected from the 175 that were eligible to apply to be part of the trial. Wadebridge has chosen to focus its efforts on food waste and will be the first town to launch its campaign - kicking off with an event at the Town Hall on 20 June from 10am-5pm.

The drop-in launch event will take place throughout the day, with experts on hand to talk to people about all elements of food waste. There will be sessions for local primary school children, a smoothie bike, and useful handouts including food waste ‘Pledge Cards’ that the Town Council has produced as a key part of the campaign. The council has also managed to secure 80 compost bins to give away to Wadebridge households – they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis on the day.

Wadebridge Mayor, Pamela Starling, comments:

“Being selected to be part of this trial was a great first step, but we now need the people of Wadebridge to get behind the campaign and make it a real success. The seven pledges on our Pledge Cards outline simple steps people can take to reduce their food waste – whether that’s being more savvy when shopping, storing food correctly, cooking the right amount, loving your leftovers or learning to compost. If everyone in the town even adopted just one of these pledges we would reduce our waste – resulting in money to support our brilliant community groups and local causes.”

Cornwall Council now has detailed information about each town and parish so can track how much black bag rubbish each community is producing. The Town and Parish Councils will be rewarded for the amount of waste that they reduce.

Cllr Joyce Duffin, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Environment said “The projects need to reduce the amount of overall waste. This does not just mean more recycling, something like encouraging residents to use a home composting bin for vegetable peelings would be a good example it removes them from the waste stream and turns them into useful compost for the garden.”

The Wadebridge campaign will focus on getting the message out about the simple steps everyone can take to reduce food waste.

As well as distributing the Pledge Cards far and wide, the Town Council is also looking for 20 families to be a key part of the trial. They will undergo free food waste training from experts and meet throughout the year to learn new things and share their experiences. The idea is that they become local food waste champions, who can then cascade information to their friends and neighbours, encouraging more people to get involved. If you are interested in being one of the families email admin@wadebridge-tc.gov.uk

For more information on the Wadebridge WINS campaign keep an eye on this page.