What we do

The Town Council hold a Full Council meeting usually on the second Wednesday of each month and Committee meetings are held usually on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Please refer to the Meeting Agendas & Minutes page to view the Calendar of Meetings.

There are usually no meetings in January and August, but sometimes it is necessary for the council to meet to transact urgent business. All public notices are posted outside the Town Hall in the cabinet.

Parishioners of Wadebridge are welcome to attend and there is a public session at the beginning of each meeting for them to speak concerning items on the Agenda. The Town Council are committed to involve the public in the democratic decision making process and believe that the best way to make constructive decisions is to provide everyone with the opportunity to participate and be informed about current issues.

The Public Notice is available to view in the cabinet outside the Town Hall or at Wadebridge Library. Copies of Minutes are also available at Wadebridge Library.

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The Town Council is divided into two wards. Wadebridge East consists of five councillors. Wadebridge West consists of eight councillors. A total of thirteen councillors serving an electorate of approximately 5287 with a population of approximately 8270. The whole Council is elected every four years.

The Town Hall

wadebridge town hallThe existence of a Town Council ensures that the Town's views, requirements and opinions are well represented to Cornwall Council and in turn to central Government and statutory authorities.

The Town Council is consulted on all Planning Applications concerning the town and forwards its recommendations accordingly. This ensures local knowledge is taken into consideration when the final decision is made by Cornwall Council, Planning Department.

Wadebridge Town Council actively pursues and supports policies designed to provide improved facilities in the town. It provides financial support for worthy local charities, support for Remembrance Day parades and services. The Memorial Stones have been given a facelift providing better access for those able bodied and less able who wishing to lay wreaths.

The Town Council is justifiably proud of its parks and open spaces, receiving written acclaim from Tim Smitt of The Eden Project. Facilities for all ages are included, play areas for children in Egloshayle Playing Field and on the Jubilee Field, a small skateboard and basketball area.

Support is given to the Christmas Light scheme run by the Town's Chamber of Commerce. Donations are given to the Chamber of Commerce in support of the lights. Electricity is supplied by the Town Hall for the lights on the Platt.

In 1998 the Town's cemetery was extended by purchasing a large plot of land which had simply been a field. This was given an extensive make-over and is now actually an area of peace and quietude.

The Town Council own land in Egloshayle Parish which is leased by WAAGS (Wadebridge Allotment and Garden Society).  The land was purchased as an extension to the existing cemetery on the opposite side of the A389. It will be many years until the land is required and is being put to good use by the residents of Wadebridge.

There are almost 70 benches placed around the town, all maintained by the Town Council, most have been provided by the town but one or two are donated in memory of deceased relatives.

These are just a few examples of the Town Council's continuing commitment to raise the town's profile.

The Foyer of the Town Hall is given over to various memorabilia and gifts by the town's twin town Langueux in Brittany. There is also a memorial to fallen of the First World War. A mural on the back wall of the stage depicts the old bridge.

The website underlines the work and facilities of Wadebridge Town Council. We hope you enjoy using the Town Council website