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Cllr Tofi advised that Minute 167/16 should reflect that the Town Clerk had agreed to write to Cornwall Council requesting a response to the Town Council’s letter of 5 May 2016 relating to the housing quota of 1,100 homes for Wadebridge. The Mayor confirmed that the original resolution made (Minute CP&T106/16) was to write to Scott Mann MP with copies circulated to relevant Officers within Cornwall Council. Scott Mann MP has since met with the Town Council (8 July 2016) to discuss the matter. Cllr Tofi requested that the letter is resent to CC for a response. The Mayor advised that Cllr Tofi should raise this matter at agenda item 11.

The Minutes of the meeting held on the 14 September 2016 were RESOLVED to be a true record of the meeting subject to a correction to the spelling of Cllr Pennington’s name on page 38 and were signed by the Mayor.

033/16: Minutes of Last Meeting – The Minutes of the annual council meeting held on the 11 May 2016 were RESOLVED to be a true record of the meeting subject to the following amendments.  Minutes were signed by the Mayor.

  • Amend location to read Main Hall.
  • Record Cllr Leach as in attendance.
  • Amend date at Minute 007/16 to read 2016/17.
  • Amend Minute 024/15, Royal Cornwall Show to read 024/16.
  • Record that Cllr Starling returned to the meeting after item 017/

Record that Minutes Clerk left the meeting for item 028/16,d.

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