In a move to encourage safer, touch free parking, on Tuesday 25th August Wadebridge Town Council is introducing RingGo, the UK’s number 1 cashless parking service, across our 3 car parks.

The Council is making this change on the back of Covid-19, which has led to many members of the public being reluctant to use shared surfaces, such as pay & display machine keypads. It is hoped that introducing RingGo as an alternative method of payment encourage motorists to pay to park by phone.

The quickest and easiest way to use RingGo is to download the app from either the iPhone app store or Google play store. Motorists register a few details, and when they want to park and pay, simply enter:

  • Their vehicle registration
  • The four or five digit RingGo location code where their vehicle is parked, and
  • The time they wish to park for

If motorists don’t have a smartphone, they can call the RingGo voice response service on 01208 280 280 and pay for parking that way. Motorists wanting to use this option are encouraged to pre-register their details via the website in order to ease and speed the process.

As well as providing safer, touch free parking, RingGo provides handy text receipts and reminders showing details of the parking session booked and reminding the motorist when their parking is due to run out. These optional text messages cost 10p each.

Save time! Pay to park with RingGo!

For quick and easy touch free parking payments, use RingGo, the UK’s no.1 parking app with over 17 million customers nationwide. By downloading the free RingGo app, you can pay for your parking without needing to use coins or queue up at a parking machine for a ticket.

Once you’ve downloaded and registered, using the free RingGo app, you can also pay to park in thousands of RingGo parking locations nationwide. For a full list of places you can use RingGo across the UK, visit

How does RingGo work?

Download the free RingGo parking app from the App Store or Google Play Store for the fastest parking payment. All we need are some details and once you’re registered you can get parked with just a few taps.

To confirm where you are, enter the location number advertised on signs. For example, if you saw the sticker on the right, enter “23456” as your location code.

Don’t forget, if your parking is running out, you can extend your stay from wherever you are with the RingGo app. Just select how long you want to extend, and you’re good to go.

You’ll never need a ticket from the machine, either. Parking enforcement officers know you’re parked with RingGo by checking their handheld devices, so there’s no need to queue or collect a ticket!

What are the other benefits of using RingGo to park?

  • No more coins – you’ll never have to worry about carrying change to pay for parking again! Just download the RingGo app.
  • Extend your parking – running late? Just click the extend button in the RingGo app from wherever you are. No need to dash back to your car or the parking machine.
  • No more tickets – Our handy reminders alert you when your parking is running out… wave goodbye to Penalty Charge Notices.
  • Don’t get caught in the rain – why get cold and wet when you can pay for parking quickly and securely with the RingGo app?

Further information about using RingGo to pay for parking

  • There is a small 10p convenience fee applied to all sessions in Wadebridge.
  • The optional confirmation and alert texts cost 10p per message, but you can opt-out from these at any time.
  • You can get VAT receipts for all your parking sessions either through the free RingGo parking app, or on our website.
  • If you park for business, check out the RingGo Corporate solution for business parking at
  • If you’re not a smartphone user, you can still use RingGo to pay for your parking touch free by calling 01208 280 280. Just call up once to start your parking session and then once again to end it.
  • You can also register and book parking with RingGo online.

If you need any more information, please visit