Current Meeting Agendas

PDF  Annual Council Meeting Agenda - 15 May 2024 

PDF Staffing Committee Agenda -  16 May 2024 

Draft Minutes of last meeting are available to the public for information and will be uploaded to the website with the next meeting Agenda. However, please note that Minutes of town council meetings are NOT a verbatim record of the meeting and other information contained in them is there to add context to the decision and resolution itself.

Members will resolve to accept the Minutes as accurate at the following meeting – it is the decisions and resolutions that are being decided as accurate rather than a full record of any discussion held.

 PDF Full Council Minutes - 17 April 2024 DRAFT 
 PDF Annual Town Meeting Minutes - 25 April 2024 DRAFT  

All meetings are usually held in the Town Hall, The Platt, Wadebridge with full disabled access. Other meetings may be held in the Victoria Room, located on the 1st floor of the Town Hall with limited access, please telephone for more information. The location of the meeting is always listed on the Agenda.


Below is the link to view the Calendar of Meetings.

PDF Calendar of Meetings 2023/24 (PDF)
Calendar of Meetings 2024/25 (PDF)


An Agenda is drawn up prior to each meeting and a Public Notice is displayed in the Town Hall notice board at least three working days prior to the meeting. All Council meetings are open to the public and a Public Participation section is included at the beginning of each meeting. Parishioners of Wadebridge have the opportunity to address the Council on any item included within the Agenda. Please use the link below to view the Public Participation Policy.

PDF Public Participation Policy (PDF)


Planning - Relevant applications are considered at the Full Council meeting. To view applications currently being considered please refer to the latest Agenda.