All Wadebridge Town Council play areas are CLOSED until further notice

The Town Council is following Government advise and discouraging public gatherings and encouraging social distancing in trying to help our NHS and stop the spread of Coronavirus.

No-one can control what others touch in a play area and it is challenging to prevent children from touching their faces after using play equipment. It is also extremely difficult in a play area to keep children a safe distance apart. The Town Council do not wish anyone to take be at risk in their Play Areas and as a result these are now closed.

Please behave responsibly in the face of Coronavirus. If not our choice to behave responsibly will be taken from us and decisions made for us.

We only get one chance at being responsible and making sure Coronavirus doesn’t spread and cause untold damage to our lives, our families, our friends and the NHS. This is not a trial run.

Let’s work together to live together.

Thank you Wadebridge - stay safe everyone