Egloshayle Cemetery is CLOSED to the public until further notice 

Wadebridge Town Council, as the burial authority, has received clear guidance from the Government and the Local Government Association that our cemetery should now be closed to the public, except for funerals or burials. 

We know this will be distressing for you and this is why we have not taken any action to close the cemetery until we have been instructed to do so.  As the authority responsible for the Cemetery we have a duty to discourage public gatherings and encourage social distancing in trying to help our NHS and to stop the spread of Coronavirus.  Regrettably, this now applies to our Cemetery.

We understand that the Cemetery is a very special place and brings comfort when you visit your loved ones.  Please be assured we will continue to look after the Cemetery and, like you, look forward to being able to open once again.  

Please take care and if you need to speak to us please contact us on 01208 851929.