The grass cutting of this section in the cemetery has been a contentious issue for many years. 

As previously advised by the Town Council, this section of the cemetery was officially closed, and due process followed with the maintenance and upkeep being transferred ultimately to North Cornwall District Council (NCDC).  Documentation shows that NCDC confirmed authority as from 5 April 1988.  It has always been the Town Council’s understanding that Cornwall Council, as the unitary authority for Cornwall, has responsibility for the services previously provided by the District Councils.  Town Councillors and staff of the Town Council are very much aware of the distress that the grass cutting issues have caused, and continue to cause, to those visiting their loved ones in this area due to Cornwall Council's position that they were not responsible for the maintenance of this area.  The Town Council have continued to pursue this matter with Cornwall Council and after the consideration of documentation presented to them, Cornwall Council agree that they are responsible for the maintenance of this area.  

As Cornwall Council now accept this part of the cemetery is their responsibility the Clerk will be meeting with them shortly to discuss how best to approach the immediate maintenance required and going into the future.  We hope to see an improvement in the area very soon.  

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