Wadebridge Town Council would like to advise Parishioners or anyone with an interest in Wadebridge that the Facebook page ‘Love Wadebridge’ is NOT a Wadebridge Town Council Facebook page.  It is NOT endorsed by the Town Council and the Town Council do not monitor the discussions about our town on this page.  If you have any concerns about areas which the Town Council is responsible for or have any general queries about our town please do so via the Town Council Website using the ‘contact us’ form or email the Town Clerk directly on townclerk@wadebridge-tc 

The admin of the Love Wadebridge site is a Town Councillor but that admin role does not mean that any issues/concerns raised via the Love Wadebridge Facebook site will be forwarded to the Town Council.  Any response to items provided by admin on the Love Wadebridge Facebook page is not a Town Council response.  Please contact the Town Council directly as this will address any queries/concerns immediately and may help with any incorrect information.

If you want to talk to the Town Council please talk to us directly please.  The Town Council can’t help if you don’t speak to us directly and we are here to help.