Wadebridge Town Hall & Wadebridge Library Events

Following the death of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II, the Country now enters a period of national mourning which is expected to last for around 10 days.

It is with deep regret that all pre-planned events, bookings and Council Meetings in the Town Hall and Library from Friday 9th September until at least Monday 19th September will be cancelled with immediate effect (please note that Pavilion bookings will be going ahead as usual).

In line with the protocol it is not appropriate to hold events during a period of national mourning.

We understand that some will be disappointed by this news but holding events / bookings is not fitting with the mood of the nation or in accordance with the recognised protocol.

The Town Council feels that the passing should be marked in a dignified, solemn, and appropriate manner.

The Town Hall will only be available for residents and visitors to sign the book of condolence in the Main Hall, which will be archived after the funeral.