A New Mayor for Wadebridge – Cllr Ian Welch

At the recent Full Council meeting Cllr Ian Welch was elected as the new Mayor for Wadebridge following the resignation of Amanda Pennington.

Cllr Welch comments:

I want to thank Amanda for her service as a Town Councillor since 2011 and as Mayor of Wadebridge for the last 18 months. Amanda led on many projects for the benefit of Wadebridge and her incredible knowledge has always been used to great effect. It has not been an easy period with the ongoing challenges of Covid lockdown, the death of The Queen, and threats of the Leisure Centre closure to name a few examples. We wish her well for the future.

I also give my thanks to Cllr Kelly Rowe for her work as Deputy Mayor and for her agreement to continue in that role is very much appreciated. Both Cllr Rowe and our Clerk, Anne Minnis have worked tirelessly behind the scenes. You couldn't wish for a better Clerk who is incredibly experienced and who ensures we all keep within the rules for which we are a better Council for.

I look forward to working closely with our 2 Cornwall Councillors ensuring this relationship is open and supportive as this will bring real benefit to Wadebridge. I am greatly honoured to be able to fully participate in the upcoming Ceremonial duties on behalf of the Council and the Town as Mayor. I also hope to meet as many Parishioners as I can with the reintroduction of Mayor surgeries over the coming months.

My final thanks is to my fellow Councillors for electing me as Mayor and I look forward to working together over the next three months and possibly longer. I ask each of you what you wish to achieve over the next year - whether it is large or small - and hope that you will be able to look back and say "that is something positive which I was part of in achieving for Wadebridge" whether it is writing a flood plan, helping the project to refurbish The Platt toilets or leading on social media matters and ensuring the new Town Council website is modern and attractive. We are all volunteers who want to see this wonderful town thrive with the support of everyone who lives here.

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