Planning applications being considered at
Full Council, 14 November 2018, 7pm, Town Hall

(section taken from latest Full Council Agenda - Click here to view the full Agenda)

 11.   Planning

a.         Applications - To respond to the following applications received from Cornwall Council:

i.         PA18/09537 : Land North of 12 New Park, Single new 3 bedroom self-build dwelling house.

ii.         PA18/09442 : Camel Trail Toilets, Camel Trail, Alterations and additions to existing Public Convenience and change of use to facilitate a small café.

iii.         PA18/09597 : Prestige Property Services, Valley View, Trenant Vale, Reserved matters for access, appearance and landscaping following outline permission PA17/09223 to replace existing bungalow and outbuildings with three detached dwellings.

iv.         PA17/03835 : Merriman Limited, Land North of Wadebridge Football Ground, Gonvena Hill.  To discuss, consider any further information and agree representation at Strategic Planning Committee (date to be advised).

v.         PA17/03837 : Merriman Limited, Land West of Wadebridge Primary School, Gonvena Hill, Outline planning permission for the residential development of up to 300 homes with all matters reserved. To discuss, consider any further information and agree representation at Strategic Planning Committee (date to be advised).

vi.         EGLOSHAYLE PARISH - PA18/05209 : Wyndthorpe Estates Ltd and Kier Living Ltd. Ball Meadow, Bodieve, Outline Planning Consent for residential development comprising up to 225 dwellings, a new link road between Ball Roundabout and B3314, new highway access, provision of a new pedestrian/cycle bridge over A39, new primary school, and associated infrastructure with associated access. To discuss and agree a response/ comment to be submitted and representation at Strategic Planning Committee (date to be advised).

b.         PA18/08032 : Land North East of 90 Egloshayle Road, Outline planning permission with all matters reserved : Demolition of existing garages and proposed new dwelling.

i.         To receive information from the Planning Officer regarding the consultation period which has expired.

ii.         To consider how to proceed and to agree the submission of a comment if required.  

c.         Decisions - To be advised of Cornwall Council planning decisions:

i.         PA18/05541 - Amended Plans : Mr Chris Grant, Brookdale, Trevanion Road, Demolition of existing garage and shed and construction of new dwelling with integral double garage re-submission of PA18/02866. REFUSED.

d.         For Information – To be advised of the following information as received from Cornwall Council:

i.         PA18/09102 : Mr Penry Archer, The Barn, Higher Lane, Egloshayle, Wadebridge, Works to a Willow Tree within a Conservation Area – remove some of the heavier branches which are overhanging The Barn and pruning. DECIDED NOT TO MAKE A TPO (TCA APPS).



Important Information

If you wish to view the applications and/or submit a comment please do so via the link below - this will take you to the Cornwall Council On-line Planning Service which has a 'search' facility - enter the application number and use the tabs to navigate the information.


The Town Council is a consultee on all planning applications within the Wadebridge Parish. Decisions are forwarded to the Cornwall Council to be taken into account by the Planning Officer.

All Council meetings are open to the public and a Public Participation section is included at the beginning of each meeting. Parishioners of Wadebridge have the opportunity to address the Council on any item included within the Agenda. Please use the link below to view the Public Participation Policy.

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