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Please see the Notice of Vacancy for Louise Mitchell and Phil Mitchell

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The current cleaning contract for the public toilets comes to an end today, 31 March 2022. Whilst the Town Council has been working hard to secure a new contract to ensure that the toilets remain open and available to the public this has proved challenging. Unfortunately, there seems to be very few contractors who are able to take on such services – our neighbouring parishes are also facing difficulties with this.

However, we are very pleased to advise that we have now secured a contractor who will begin a new service from Monday 4 April 2022. This does mean that, in preparation for the new service to begin, there will be a short temporary closure period from Saturday 2 April through to Monday 4 April – the toilets will close at 5pm on Friday 1 April and reopen on Monday 4 April 2022. We apologise for any difficulties that the closure period may have to the public.

The Town Council values the communities input on all of the services we undertake and we would very much like to hear any thoughts and any concerns you may have with the public toilet facilities. However, the use of social media is not an effective way of providing feedback to the Town Council and we would ask that rather than taking to social media with flippant and negative posts, which do not achieve a positive outcome, you contact the office directly in order to report or discuss any issues or to provide us with your views and opinions – our staff are better placed to address issues in a much quicker and positive way when they have been reported directly to the office.

The Town Council is very aware and mindful that the public toilets are old and in need of attention and we are pleased to advise that work is underway on an exciting refurbishment program for The Platt toilets. The works are expected to take place in the Autumn and more news on this will be available in the coming months.


Support for Ukraine

Wadebridge Town Council stands with the people of Ukraine in the face of invasion by Russia and our thoughts are with everyone affected by this action.  There are many ways in which individuals can show their support, from financial donations to registering to house refugees.

At a meeting last week Wadebridge Town Council resolved to:

  • Work with the Betjeman Centre to ensure that support for refugees and host families is co-ordinated and can react to the needs of those requiring support.
  • Provide accommodation in Town Council buildings to accommodate a meeting place for host families and refugees.
  • Nominate a Town Councillor to liaise with other organisations in town to facilitate bookings and proposed activities.
  • Contact Cornwall Council and ask them to confirm the support they can provide to individuals, groups, volunteers and Town and Parish Councils to support refugee and host families.
  • Contact Cornwall Councillors for Wadebridge, Cllr Carol Mould and Cllr Robin Moorcroft, to ask what they can do to assist our Community and whether Cornwall Council buildings/space can be made available for use.
  • Create a Social Media Group as a hub for sharing information. 

Please note that a Facebook group titled Love Wadebridge Supports Ukrainians has now been established as a central point of communication.

Donating items

At present, the most urgent support that charities need is financial. Some organisations have urged people not to donate items at present as it’s hard to distribute them effectively. Financial donations through official campaigns will have a positive impact on both refugees and the local economies supporting them.

Unsolicited donations of support items, although well-meant, can obstruct supply chains and delay more urgent life-saving assistance from getting through. Charities with experience of responding to disasters are best placed to reach victims on the ground. Organisations across the UK are gathering essential supplies, such as clothes, first aid and sanitary products. Many charities and community groups will have lists of items they need. 

Financial Donations

There are lots of organisations across the UK and internationally who have launched appeals including the following:

Register to house refugees

The government has launched their Homes for Ukraine scheme giving UK residents the opportunity to register their interest in housing Ukrainian refugees as they arrive in the UK. Individual sponsors will be asked to provide homes or a spare room rent-free for as long as they are able, with a minimum stay of 6 months. In return, they will receive £350 per month.

Sponsors will need to name a Ukrainian refugee they would like to host. The government is encouraging people to connect with refugees through formal channels such as charities, community groups and non-government organisations. Charities that could help you connect with a refugee include Refugees at HomeRoom for RefugeesShelter 4 Ukraine and Reset.

Please note that financial support will only be provided to those who house refugees through this official government scheme.

Government support schemes

Guidance on government support available to Ukrainian nationals and their family members, including the Ukraine Family Scheme.

Giving safely

If you’re looking to donate to causes working in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, you should make a few simple checks before giving:

  • Check the charity’s name and registration number at
  • Make sure the charity is genuine before giving any financial information
  • Be careful when responding to emails or clicking on links within them
  • Contact or find out more online about the charity that you’re seeking to donate to or work with to understand how they are spending their funds
  • Look out for the Fundraising Badge on charity fundraising materials, this is the logo which shows that a charity has committed to fundraise in line with the Code of Fundraising Practice

 Support for parents and carers

  • It is difficult to be able to answer questions that children may be asking about what is happening in Ukraine.
  • There are a number of resources available with content to help children better understand the information they are seeing and hearing about and also content that provides support to parents on how to talk about the war in Ukraine and where to find support.

A list of some of these resources can be found below:

Cornwall Council

  • Cornwall Council are encouraging residents to get behind local and national efforts to provide much-needed support for the people of Ukraine. They want to support the government’s initiative to offer homes to refugees.
  • To find out more about way to support or information about the governments ‘Home for Ukraine’ scheme visit Cornwall Councils dedicated webpages:

Homes for Ukraine – Cornwall Council

Help for Ukraine - Cornwall Council



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